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Bavaria's Versailles on an island. 

 Louis XIV of France, the "Sun King", was Ludwig II of Bavaria's historical hero, thus he wished to build his own version of the Palace of Versailles as one of his homes. It was never completed but enough was done to portray his vivid imagination, with some of the rooms rooms outdoing Versailles itself. After 60 minutes in the train we take a short steam train ride to the port where a ferry takes us to Herreninsel (Island) in the middle of lake Chiemsee where we find the palace. A further ferry trip over to the neighbouring Fraueninsel provides idyllic surroundings for an afternoon stroll and/or lunch. 

9-10 hours €390 (not including lunch). Ferry and local train approx €15 p.p. Entrance €8 (under 18s free).

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