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There are of course hundreds of places we can visit, each with its own individual beauty and charm. Much will depend on your own preferences and how much you intend to exert yourself, from a lazy stroll to a full work out. So let's just look at four possibilities for now:

Tegelberg and Schwangau

Deep into the region of Allgäu, bordering on Austria, Bavaria's King Ludwig II ordered the building of his most famous castle Neuschwanstein.

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This trip begins with a train journey of approximately 1 hour to the town of Kochel, from where after a short wait we jump on a bus to take us to our starting point.

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Andechs Monastery

Atop a hill overlooking the region of the 5 lakes distict is the famous Benedictine abbey Andechs.

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These two lakes are where the Alps really begin and yet only a one hour train ride from Munich.

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